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Accounting Features and Accounting Services

A accounting Payroll is a service which every employer need in order to pay monthly or weekly salaries to employees, That service a user can activate in the accounting desktop software or accounting online software. Most of the time calculating Payroll taxes are boring or not easy for everyone, but to run a company it’s very important to keep a good track of all the employee taxes. For small business it’s hard to get a full time accountant because its cost a lot. But nothing to worry, because you can contact us for your any problem related to accounting or accounting services and one of our expert will take good care of your accounting software.

Accounting Payroll not only processes the salaries but also it does other jobs, which will be described well in varieties of Payroll options. It’s all depends up to you, to choose which version of Payroll you want to activate. Depending upon your nature and size of business, you have three option of accounting.

1. Accounting Features

First of all we start with what includes in basic Payroll

  • It includes all the updates, like whenever some new feature will be included in the software, the basic Payroll needs to be updated.
  • A user can create the pay checks in order to pay employees, if you don’t know how to do that , you can simply call accounting services phone number NC
  • A accountant or user have the direct deposit feature for employees
  • It also includes the direct deposit for 1099 contractors
  • In the basic Payroll the federal forms are not included
  • It doesn’t have the state forms either, to get this feature a user have to get enhanced version of Payroll
  • The feature of e-file and e-pay is not included
  • A feature of email subscription for critical notices is available with this version of payroll.

If you stuck or find it hard to use all the feature of basic Payroll simply contact accounting services .

2. Accounting Services

Enhanced version of Payroll is one of the most advance Payroll software, It can be used for unlimited employees in order to pay salaries or employee weekly or monthly taxes.

If you using accounting services, then you don’t have to pay the fee of 2 dollar per employee monthly. But if you using payroll directly from Intuit, the 2 dollar fee is applicable for per employee.

In Enhanced payroll all the features from basic Payroll are there. Other than that you getting few extra feature, such as.

All the federal forms are included, plus all the state forms are available in enhanced version. On top of that a user can E file and E pay as well. Client’s ready Payroll reports are also available.

In order to get any help for enhanced version, dial accounting services.

3. Tax Planning

Planning is the key to successfully and legally reducing your tax liability. We go beyond tax compliance and proactively recommend tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income.

If you face errors or any other problem, while using payroll, you just one phone call away from the expert, so don’t be stress out with your accounting software.

4. Taxation

Don't pay more in taxes than you have to! Take full advantage of all deductions and credits with our tax planning, compliance, and preparation services. Do you need help filing previous years tax returns? We can help in getting you in compliance with the IRS and State department.

Questions asked by Payroll Users

Why do I need a Payroll update?

Payroll update is important in order to get the most accurate rates and current calculation for federal tax tables and Payroll tax forms.

Why do I need direct deposit for employees?

This feature provides you an option to employer to deposit employee Payroll directly to his or her saving account. This makes employer life easy because it’s very handy.

What is ViewMyPaycheck?

This feature makes very easy for employers to give access to employee own pay check info

Why do I need a Payroll update?
  • Problem with updating the tax table in Payroll
  • Issues with Payroll direct deposit.
  • Managing payroll and normal accounting, this happens when the user not aware with software.
  • Server error with Payroll.
  • Problem with deleting old due taxes.
  • Problem with employee’s tax forms, just to remind, these forms are not available with basic version Payroll.
  • Activation of the Payroll every year.
  • Payroll not taking the automatic updates
  • Mismatching of the figure